One Month of Free Energy Sessions During Extraordinary Times

During these strange and challenging times, I want to offer a free month of remote energy sessions to anyone who wants them.  These sessions can bring a sense of upliftment, can relieve anxiety, and can boost your innate immunity* through energy alignment.


Cancel your membership anytime within your first month and you will never be billed.


If during your free month you find this to be of value to you, I invite you to stay a member with a very special discount that will never go up for as  long as you stay a member.


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This is your invitation to join The Journey 2U with an ongoing discount

Rebbie Straubing

From the desk of Dr. Rebbie Straubing

Dear Friends,


YOFA Remote Energy Sessions offer a unique opportunity to bring your beloved human incarnation into alignment with your soul's essence.

Inner Alignment Sessions:

YOFA jhe Sessions

This proprietary YOFA system of remote energy work is like a multivitamin for your energy body.  It covers all the bases and keeps you in alignment for all the things that matter to you.


I call these sessions the YOFA jhe Sessions.  "YOFA" stands for The Yoga of Alignment and "jhe" stands for joyful harmonious expressiveness.

YOFA Energy Sessions (YES!)

This proprietary YOFA system of remote energy clearing finds and clears static and blockage in the flow of energy.  


These areas of conflict within the energy body form the underlying templates of our problems in life (body, relationships, money, emotions, etc.).  As these patterns of blockage and conflict are relieved in the energy field, they open the space for ease, love, abundance, and happiness.


We all have these challenging vibrations within us.  It is part of being human.  There is no judgment about it.  These sessions simply help us navigate our lives from a place of greater freedom, joy, and inspiration.

How it Works

Each month I do 8 YOFA jhe Sessions and 2 YOFA Energy Sessions for the members.


After each session you receive an email from me telling you what to expect from that particular session. 


This is an energy session membership so there is nothing about this that takes up your time.  Nothing to learn.  Nothing to watch or listen to. 

  • Perfect for busy people who have no time. I do the session for you and I let you know when it was done.

  • These sessions are a way of life. People tend to stay members indefinitely. The process gets deeper and stronger with time.

  • You can cancel at any time. There is no contract and you can cancel whenever you like and you will not be billed again.

  • This is a monthly or yearly membership.  The energy uplift begins as soon as you join.

Become a member today and get your first month FREE

The membership fee is regularly $99/month ($1188/year).  With this special offer you are invited to enjoy one whole month of sessions free.  Simply cancel before your month is over and you will not be billed.


Join monthly and save $40 every month that you stay a member.

Join yearly and save $598 every year that you stay a member

Please Note: This Offer may be removed at any time.


When you join on this page, you will get this discounted membership fee for as long as you continuously stay a member.  


You will receive an email with more information immediately upon ordering.

Once You Join You Have Access to the Members' Site

Members' Site Bonuses

In addition to the 10 remote energy sessions you receive every month, you also have access to all the training materials in the Members' Site.

  • Monthly Focus

    For the first 10 months of your membership (Some people stay members for years and years) you'll receive a recording with a suggestion of a focus for the month to heighten your inner alignment.  Again, this is optional and offered for you if you want to be more actively involved in your inner alignment process. I highly recommend them.

  • Hours of Audio Seminars

    You have access to recordings of teleseminars and workshops that span years and various topics.  These are here for you if you want to be more actively involved in your inner alignment process.

  • Empowering Ebook Club

    You get access to this 7 month "Book of the Month Club" membership as a special bonus.  On your 7th day here your first ebook will unlock.  Then you'll get a new one each month for 7 months. 

  • Make Passive Income

    When you share about the Journey 2U, and your friends or family members, or co-workers want to join, give them a special link that will earn you a commission. Why not? Once you refer two people, that covers your entire membership fee. And beyond that it's pure profit. You'll get a 50% commission every month that your referrals stay in the membership. This bonus is for members only and is a great way to make some extra income while also helping your loved ones stay empowered in this crazy time. You're also helping me spread the word about the work I love doing and I appreciate that. It's a win-win-win, especially in this difficult time.

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*Disclaimer: This is offered for general
well being and does not diagnose nor treat
medical conditions.