Rooted in the Infinite

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Get the instant downloads of all the exercises. Each one is a separate recording so that you can listen to the instructions with eyes closed and allow the audio to launch you into that meditation.

Inner Alignment Audio

To get noticeable results with your Inner Alignment training, you are invited to do the meditation exercises on a regular basis.


These recordings are the companions to the book Rooted in the Infinite.  The recordings for sale here contain only the meditation exercises, no explanations.  These recordings allow you to close your eyes and go deeply into the process without reading as you go.  They are also energized with the essence of the training.


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The complete set of digital recordings can be downloaded instantly after purchase.

Rooted in the Infinite

These recordings are the companion to the book.  These come with no explanation or instructions.  Please be sure you have the book before getting the meditation audio.

Once you have the book and are ready to practice...

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