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Dr. Rebbie Straubing

From the desk of Dr. Rebbie Straubing

Dear Friends,


YOFA Remote Energy Sessions offer a unique opportunity to bring your beloved human incarnation into alignment with your soul's essence.

Inner Alignment Sessions:

YOFA jhe Sessions

This propriety YOFA system of remote energy work is like a multivitamin for your energy body.  It covers all the bases and keeps you in alignment for all the things that matter to you.


I call these sessions the YOFA jhe Sessions.  "YOFA" stands for The Yoga of Alignment and "jhe" stands for joyful harmonious expressiveness.

Since these sessions work in your energy field, distance is not an issue. You can live anywhere and still receive benefit from these sessions.

YOFA Energy Sessions (YES!)

This proprietary YOFA system of remote energy clearing finds and clears static and blockage in the flow of energy.  


These areas of conflict within the energy body form the underlying templates of our problems in life (body, relationships, money, emotions, etc.).  As they patterns of blockage and conflict are relieved in the energy field, they open the space for ease, love, abundance, and happiness.


We all have these challenging vibrations within us.  It is part of being human.  There is no judgment about it.  These sessions simply help us navigate our lives from a place of greater freedom, joy, and inspiration.

You get an email update after each energy session letting you know the focus of the session.

How it Works

Each month I do 8 YOFA jhe Sessions and 2 YOFA Energy Sessions for the members.


After each session you receive an email from me telling you what to expect from that particular session. 


This is an energy session membership so there is nothing about this that takes up your time.  Nothing to learn.  Nothing to watch or listen to. 

  • Perfect for busy people who have no time. I do the session for you and I let you know when it was done.

  • These sessions are a way of life. People tend to stay members indefinitely. The process gets deeper and stronger with time.

  • You can cancel at any time. There is no contract and you can cancel whenever you like and you will not be billed again.

  • This is a monthly membership.  The energy uplift begins as soon as you join.

Become a member today for only $99/month

Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

You will receive an email with more information immediately upon ordering.


I love getting emails from people who are getting results from YOFA Remote Energy Sessions. Here are some I'd like to share with you...

Message about YOFA jhe Sessions





Today was a HUGE shift = WOW!!!!!! It was massive!!!!! Now reading this tonight = WOW!!!!!!


I interviewed (today) with another company for a better job more in alignment with my type of sales!!!!! I got the job.

And the shift was wonderful = I felt much more calm, happy, relaxed and much less stressed. I was more euphoric this afternoon.


NOW tonight reading you did this today EXPLAINS the HIGH I was on earlier  today. NOW I know what was going on. It felt great = like I was riding a wave to shore!!! Your work is soooooo powerful. AS ALWAYS!!!!


Since I have been taking your sessions these past 3 years….. I FEEL the work… only about 20-25% of the time. I KNOW all the others are just as effective even though I did NOT feel them BUT when the ones come through that I CAN FEEL = WOW!!!!!!!


They are so powerful which tells me ALL your work is that way too!!!!!

I LOVE IT. I love it!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Please feel free to post this publicly if you wish Rebbie. I am proud to VALIDATE your work.


I also consider you a HERO for gifting your work …… to all that is!!!!!


Blessings upon you,


More Messages about YOFA jhe Sessions

"I've been working on healing myself for decades but until you entered my life I could not get to the heart of my depression. It was the THING that ruled my life.
Now free from depression I am moving forward at last. I feel light in spirit and in body. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy. I am for the first time in my life happy with who I am and grateful to be here in this moment, every moment."




"This is an amazing experience. As soon as I signed up, I notice a wonderful change within me. I could feel all my organs just tingling and I suddenly was able to move past the mental blocks on my projects. I just felt less fearful and more confident. Thank you so much for this amazing experience."




"my prosperity has increased incredibly since January. People are flocking to my meditation classes, Heal Your Life workshops and life coaching. It's incredible. So thank you."



Messages about Specialized YOFA Energy Sessions


My 4-year-old has a severe and rare form of epilepsy (Lennox Gastaut Syndrome) and is on the Spectrum. His seizures have increased in frequency and intensity just in the past two weeks. As a result, he lost the extremely small amount of language he had. Yesterday, as he got off the school bus, he made eye contact with me, looked very excited and said “Hi!” My heart cried in complete joy. We’ve tried just about every healing modality available with really no success. I hope we have found our miracle.  

Love & Light, Charlotte 


- Group Sessions for Autism Participant




My pain was in my low back and right hip. It varied from about a I feel great. No pain at all, I don't feel as scattered and I'm working on my bucket list.


Thank you Rebbie. Your the best!!!


- Group Sessions for Low Back Pain Participant




Hi Rebbie!

Thank you!!! I have to tell you, when I first signed up, I had been having occasional stabbing pains in my low back. It got so bad it became a constant pain and then a couple days before the start [of the sessions], I was literally getting stuck on the sofa and unable to even stand up. Some relief after the first session, more relief after the second one. And by now [after 4 sessions over 2 weeks] I am perfect!!

Thank you thank you!!🙏

This stuff works!!

- Jude Karolick,

Group Sessions for Low Back Pain Participant



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