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  • Introductory videos and recordings: These help you get oriented in the membership so that you understand and are fully able to receive the benefits of the sessions.

  • Bonus Trainings: As a member you have exclusive access to the recordings from transformational workshops spanning many years of YOFA Training. The energy sessions are designed for busy people who don't want extra demands on their time. So watching/listening to these bonus trainings is totally optional. You'll find hours and hours of recorded seminars and more for those moments when you have time for reflection.

  • Monthly Focus: Each month, for 10 months, a new lesson will unlock for you to have a mental focus for the month.  These are optional and are there for you if you want to go deeper.

  • Ebook of the Month: Each month, for 7 months, a new inspirational ebook will unlock for you.

  • Affiliate Program: Only members of the Journey 2U are invited to join the J2U Affiliate Program. This is an exclusive opportunity to make passive income month after month by simply recommending The Journey 2U to others.